When you have too much to do and things just keep piling up, you know its time to outsource some of your team, contact us today so you can catch up and also cut your costs.

We have a new branch in our business and we are proud to present scandisupportcenter.se where we offer premium service for outsourcing. If your company need outsourcing we have the solution for you.

Here are a few reason why you need to outsource.

Your company want to cut down on costs, with outsourcing of your business you will be able to cut down on your costs for staff, office, etc. You also choose the time you need our service and make it more efficiant for your business.

Less administration, with out outsourcing service you will have less administration work due to salary’s, recruiting, education, employee guidance, parent leave, sick leave and the list go on. Rather focus on what your company do best and we will support your company with the best outsourcing service.

Better efficancy,

We don´t just do the job, we want to support a long term effective and optimized of the investment you do in your customer service of world class. We are experts in what we do and have long experience staff who know their profession well. We also support with advise of improvement, it can be anything within the process to a FAQ on your homepage for example. Its true, one of our main goal is to lower your expenses and in the same time contribute for more value.